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Claims Feedback

10 January, 2022
Claims Feedback
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At sagic, we are committed to ensuring you receive the best claims experience possible.

As part of our ongoing effort to strive for and maintain the highest standards of care and client service, we would greatly appreciate your feedback regarding our handling of your recently finalised claim.

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How did you register your claim?
Was the claims process explained to you at registration of the claim?
Did we keep you informed throughout the claims process?
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Out of 10 (1 being hardest, 10 being easiest)
Were you provided with an explanation as to how the settlement decision/value was arrived at?
Did you receive enough support and guidance throughout your claim?
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Out of 10 (1 being least satisfied, 10 being most satisfied)
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Out of 10 (1 being 'not at all likely', 10 being 'extremely likely')
Would you be happy for us to contact you in relation to your feedback?

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