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At sagic, we provide insurance that helps others.

Supporting Communities

At sagic we provide insurance that helps others. 

But what does that really mean for our customers - and, crucially, for the people we support on a daily basis?

Sagic support the diverse charitable work of The Salvation Army. Serving the local community out of their 650 churches and community centres, the work they do is varied. From helping victims of modern slavery, to nurseries, community choirs and food banks the community work is their strength.

We’ve listed below some examples of where they help those most in need.


Homelessness is a reality in our society. Across the UK, thousands of people are sleeping rough every night, and we believe it’s our responsibility to help them in any way we can. From tackling street homelessness to assisting those who are battling addiction, The Salvation Army offers a range of services to help individuals and their families get back on their feet – and stay there.
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Human Trafficking

Though slavery was abolished in the UK more than 200 years ago, exploitation sadly continues. The Salvation Army is committed to supporting victims – both men and women – of human trafficking. Its specialist support programme is designed to preserve the dignity of victims, protect and care for them in safe accommodation, and provide access to confidential client-based support services to give individuals the space to reflect, recover and rebuild their lives.
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People in Poverty

Some people find themselves in poverty because of a major change in circumstances. Others come from a background of entrenched, generational poverty. The Salvation Army supports people on a journey towards a sustainable outcome by reducing their dependency, providing crucial debt management advice, and offering support for job seekers at a local level.
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Children & Families

The Salvation Army provides a range of services to support families, young people and children through their local churches (corps) and community centres, including nurseries, summer camps, youth clubs and community activities for all the family. Just as importantly, The Salvation Army is committed to preventing, identifying and responding to the abuse of children and adults and supporting victims and their families.
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Older People

It is a privilege to offer services to people who continue to make tremendous contributions to their families and in their communities. Our older generation deserves to be treated with dignity, have a say in what they want, receive care when they require it, and have the opportunity to retain as much independence as possible.
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Helping Older People

Family Tracing

The Family Tracing Service is here to support people who are looking for family members. It is never too late to find a loved one, so get in contact with The Salvation Army for help with your search. We bring more than 2,000 families together again every year.
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Today, people who are experiencing unemployment need more help than ever to find and stay in work. Every person has worth – and it is our desire to help all who are willing to contribute to society, irrespective of their starting point. We offer tailored support to help people become job-ready, to secure a job, and to stay in work, and we do so by operating from more than 1,000 locations.
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