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Mobility Scooter Insurance

Protect your vehicle in all kinds of scenarios.
Mmobility scooter cover in partnership with Surewise.

Mobility scooter insurance that keeps you moving.

Your scooter provides a pathway to your independence. So, if something goes wrong with your equipment, you’re the victim of a theft, or you break down unexpectedly during a journey, you need to know that your insurer has got your back.

Sagic has partnered with Surewise to offer mobility scooter and disability scooter insurance that covers accidents, theft, punctures, recovery, and much more.

Please note, while sagic underwrite this insurance product, all policies are sold and administered by Surewise. To discuss an existing policy or get a quote, call Surewise on 01268 200 020.

What will your mobility scooter policy cover?

Summary of cover

Here are the key benefits of the mobility scooter insurance policies available from Surewise:
Insurance cover for new and used mobility scooters
Recovery costs for transport home after a breakdown
Personal accident
Personal effects
Accidental damage, as well as malicious damage and vandalism
Third party liability cover up to £2 million
Cover for multiple riders
Hire costs for temporary replacement scooter
Up to £100,000 cover for legal expenses

Legal Notes

Mobility scooter insurance is not required by law (but it is highly recommended)
Mobility scooters are bound by the rules of the road (they don’t get special dispensation)
Mobility scooters on pavements are restricted to 4mph (and 8mph on the road)
Safety and security accessories such as helmets, straps and safety vests are recommended
You should also consider alarm systems and special locks for mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs
Policy administration and systems are provided by our partner Surewise.com and underwritten by sagic
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Surewise is one of the leading providers in the social care, storage and mobility scooter insurance market and has been working closely with Sagic since 2016.

Both Sagic and Surewise share a collective ethical ethos and are dedicated to helping and protecting their customers against the unexpected and the unforeseen.

Surewise offer a range of comprehensive insurance products at affordable rates combined with a friendly Essex-based customer service team available to answer any of your queries.

You can find out more information on their website: www.surewise.com/mobility-scooter-insurance

What matters to Surewise

Surewise are very proud of the high standard of customer service that their Essex-based team offer to customers.
Surewise closely monitor their mobility scooter insurance prices against competitors to make sure that they are always highly competitive.
No hidden costs, no admin charges and no excesses. They want customers to stay with them for the long term.
Simple, efficient systems to make managing your policy easy and stress-free to set up.
With thousands of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot & Google, don't just take their word for it; you can see what their customers say too.

Need to make a claim or have a question?

Please contact Surewise directly on
01268 200 020
Alternatively, you can email customerservices@surewise.com

Opening hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday – Thursday and 9am - 4pm, Friday, excluding bank holidays.

If you have chosen 24/7 specialist mobility scooter breakdown and recovery cover, please call 01604 640 922 in the event of needing recovery.

Mobility scooter insurance policies are underwritten by us and administered by Surewise.
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