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Surewise “Safer Mobility Campaign”: Keeping Mobility Scooters Users Safe

10 May, 2024
Surewise “Safer Mobility Campaign”: Keeping Mobility Scooters Users Safe
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Last month, leading specialist insurance intermediary, Surewise, officially launched their Safer Mobility Campaign: keeping mobility scooter drivers safe.

The purpose of the campaign, which was prompted by what seemed to be a spike in incidents involving mobility scooter customers at the beginning of 2024 - and by research that revealed a 20% increase in motor scooter casualties in the last decade - is to make people aware of the dangers faced by drivers of mobility scooters and to improve road safety education for all.

Research Found Mobility Scooter Drivers Are Over Two Times More Likely To Be Killed In Road Incidents

Surewise conducted research to look into the vulnerability of mobility scooter users while driving their scooters. They discovered that alarmingly, mobility scooter drivers are more than twice as likely to be killed in a road crash than other road users.

The insurance intermediary analysed official figures from the Department of Transport, and found that in 2022 alone, nine mobility scooter users were killed and 270 were injured in collisions on UK roads.

What’s more, the figures also show that over the last decade, mobility scooter casualties have increased by an average of 20 percent, year on year.

The Surewise Safer Mobility Campaign

Discussing the campaign, Surewise commented:

“Our claims team have seen first-hand the trauma victims of mobility scooter crashes experience.


After a spike in reported incidents earlier in 2024, our team felt an obligation and responsibility to dive deeper into exactly what is happening on our roads and raise awareness on how all drivers can keep mobility scooter users safe.”

The campaign aims to educate all road users about the risks facing mobility scooter users, who are particularly vulnerable if they are involved in a crash.

Richard Hannan, Director at Surewise, added: “We were horrified to discover that mobility scooter drivers are more than twice as likely to be killed in a road crash than other road users.


“And, sadly, the problem only seems to be getting worse. Worryingly, the casualty data shows a substantial increase in casualties since 2011, and our claims team takes regular calls from distressed customers who have been injured in collisions.


“Mobility scooter users are very vulnerable, particularly when travelling on the roads, and, unlike cars and other vehicles, the driver has little protection in the event of a crash.”

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive at sagic, applauds Surewise's Safer Mobility Campaign, which deeply resonates with sagic’s core values. We commend Surewise for their steadfast commitment to safety and proactive measures in tackling the concerning increase in incidents involving mobility scooter users.

Mobility Scooter Safety Resources & Tips

To accompany the campaign, Surewise has created a number of resources and tools to help mobility scooter users keep themselves safe.  You can get access to a free safety guide - printed or digital - as well as a reflective sticker bundle to make your scooter more visible.

To find out more, visit the official Safer Mobility Campaign page here and sign up for your free resources.

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