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Why Travel Insurance is more important than ever

7 November, 2023
Why Travel Insurance is more important than ever
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In the post-pandemic world, travel insurance has become a crucial safeguard for avid travelers. Despite rising costs and uncertainties, millions of Brits are determined to embark on their long-awaited getaways. After being forced to put plans on hold for reasons beyond our control over the last few years, people are prepared to make sacrifices to have those breaks and enjoy long overdue holidays.

Research from our travel insurance partners at Just Travel Cover shows that 76% of people still prioritise holidays despite rising household bills. Data from the World Travel Market reveals that nearly half of those booking holidays are doing so because they want something to look forward to.

But why is travel insurance more important than ever? A recent survey of more than 1,000 people showed that travelers feel it's essential, especially after the challenges posed by Covid. Dale Robinson at Just Travel Cover states, "We’re seeing more people choose gold and silver levels of cover than pre-pandemic, and we’re still getting questions around Covid cover. People are much more confident to travel, but they want to ensure they’re protected, particularly if they have pre-existing medical conditions."

The cost of medical treatment abroad is rising, and people could be left facing huge bills if they need emergency treatment overseas – one of the reasons why Travel Insurance is so important.

Partnering for Peace of Mind: Sagic and Just Travel Cover

Sagic has partnered with Just Travel Cover to help you find the Travel Insurance you need for your next holiday. Whether it's next week or next year, you can get covered for holidays up to 20 months in advance. The advice is always to arrange cover as soon as you book, so you have cancellation cover in place – just in case something goes wrong before you travel*.

Key features of the policies offered include:

  • Coverage for hundreds of medical conditions
  • Bronze, silver, and gold options depending on the level of cover you need
  • No age limit

Just Travel Cover has your luggage covered too with a new benefit called "Smart Luggage". This policy pays money straight into your bank if your luggage doesn’t come off the carousel and cannot be located after 48 hours.

Ready for Your Adventure? Get Your Quote Today!

Don't wait until it's too late, visit our travel page for more information. Click here to get your personalised travel insurance quote now!

*Terms apply.

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