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Sagic's Rebranding: A Reflection of its Commitment to Community Engagement

22 May, 2023
Sagic's Rebranding: A Reflection of its Commitment to Community Engagement
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Sagic, a leading insurance company in the UK, has recently undergone a transformation that includes a rebranding effort to better reflect the company's values and commitment to their customers and the wider community. Sagic provides insurance products to families, businesses, and church organisations across the UK, and has a long-standing heritage of over 114 years of community engagement and giving back.

"As we embark on this exciting transformation, I couldn't be prouder to lead sagic through this rebranding process," said Gordon Dewar, CEO of sagic.

"We are not just an insurance company, but a company that cares deeply about our customers and the communities we serve. Our renewed focus on positive values and high standards will guide us as we continue to provide exceptional service and make a meaningful impact in people's lives. I am thrilled to be a part of this transformation, and I am confident that our customers and the businesses we interact with will be equally proud of what we accomplish together."

Sagic's updated brand purpose, "Insuring You. Helping Others," reflects the company's commitment to providing supportive insurance that goes beyond traditional policies. Sagic's approachable and personable voice, combined with its blend of experience and knowledge, makes customers feel well-supported and valued. The company's positive values and high standards are at the forefront of every interaction, making sagic a trusted and respected name in the insurance industry.

Exceptional Service and Recognition for sagic's Home Insurance Product

Sagic's commitment to exceptional service is reflected in its 5-star rated Home Insurance product, which has been rated highly by Fairer Finance, Moneyfacts, and Defaqto. This recognition is a testament to sagic's commitment to providing top-quality insurance products that meet the needs of its customers. To learn more about these ratings, visit the following links:

Fairer Finance: fairerfinance.com/ratings/brands/sagic

Moneyfacts: moneyfactscompare.co.uk/insurance/best-home-insurance

Defaqto: defaqto.com/star-ratings/home/home-insurance-contents

Sagic's Community Engagement and Positive Impact

Sagic's rebranding reflects its commitment to making a difference, both in providing top-quality insurance products and supporting those in need. The company's ongoing efforts to give back to the community and make a positive impact are rooted in its 114-year history of community engagement. With a renewed focus on helping others, sagic hopes to continue providing exceptional service and making a meaningful impact in the community.

Trusted and Supportive Insurance from sagic

If you're looking for a trusted and supportive insurance company in the UK, look no further than sagic. Their positive values and commitment to community engagement make them a top choice for families, businesses, and organisations across the UK. Start your quote now to learn more about their insurance products and community initiatives, including their 5-star rated Home Insurance product. Simply click on this link to get started: https://ssl.sagic.co.uk/quote/home-insurance/start?username=rebrandpost

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