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COVID-19 Update

The spread of Coronavirus is unprecedented in modern times and we understand this is an incredibly difficult time for families and businesses.

If you have any queries regarding the cover under your policy that are not answered by the information provided below then please contact the broker who issued your policy or if issued by sagic direct then please email commercial@sagic.co.uk.

Given the current circumstance, we are currently receiving a high volume of queries and will look to respond as soon as possible, however, there may be delays in replying to enquiries, therefore, please accept our apologies for this.

Business Interruption Claims – Supreme Court Update

Following the ruling from the Supreme Court on Friday 15th January 2021, we have received several enquiries concerning the impact that decision will have on Business Interruption claims under policies issued by sagic.

As required by the FCA, sagic has carried out a full legal review of all our policy wordings that include Non-Damage Business Interruption cover..

We have reviewed these wordings again considering the FCA test case on which the Supreme Court has now ruled and can confirm that our original advice has not changed.  The cover provided by sagic policies is not affected by the test case outcomes.

Government Restrictions

Following the recent developments in the Government’s response to the pandemic and with a ‘lock down’ now imposed in England we feel it is best to give you some more long-term guidance which is as flexible as possible given the ever-changing situation.

We would at all time recommend you follow Government guidelines; further information is available at:-


For all existing sagic policies any restrictions relating to a building being closed or unoccupied will not apply if the reason for this is related to government restrictions. We would ask you in all cases to adhere to the following guidelines regarding management of unoccupied or unused properties:-

The water supplies are turned off at the mains (and all water tanks, pipes and apparatus are drained) unless required to operate an automatically operated central heating system used to maintain a minimum temperature of 58°F (15°C) at all times, and all external doors and all windows are securely locked, and all physical devices for securing and preventing access to the building are put into effect upon leaving the building, and your building is visited by a responsible adult every 7 days, and a log is kept of these visits.

Hopefully this will provide some reassurance whilst also ensuring that premises remains as safe and secure as possible.

Content Last Updated: 10th December 2021

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